New resource: straight up video on ‘Sexualization vs Objectification’

Thanks to reader, Svenn, I’ve come across this excellent video by the1janitor on ‘Sexualization vs Objectification which breaks down, in the most direct way, the issue of sexual harassment. I’ve tried to deal with this topic before but the1janitor gets to the heart of the matter in a completely no bullshit kind of way that I really admire. 

Just because women are fun to look at (which I think they are) does not mean that they are here for us to look at them. Just because women turn us on (which I think they do) does not mean they exist to turn us on. Just because sex with women is awesome (which I think it is) does not mean that women exist for us to have sex with them…A woman is not obligated to give a shit whether you think they’re sexy or not.

And, even though the1janitor says he was not trying to make a feminist video, he sends out a pretty great gender equality message:

Women are people – as in, they have thoughts and opinions and desires and emotions and bodily autonomy (ie. the right to do whatever they want with their own shit, which may or may not including fucking you)…It’s okay to be sexually attracted to people and it’s okay to like sex and it’s okay to like women or anybody but it’s not okay to treat people like not people.

Check out the whole video (it’s only 5 minutes long) here