Masculinities Mondays: 30th of March 2015

Taking the starring role this week is a tweet by user Texpatriate that went viral about rape prevention tips. Unlike the Spanish Ministry of Interior’s suggested list for women on how to prevent rape (which included such helpful tips as ‘don’t put your first name on your letterbox’ and ‘close the curtains’), Texpatriate’s list is directed at men.

There are so many gems in there but our personal favourite is #9. It is a rehash of an old post but it doesn’t matter – it’s too good not to have multiple lives.

Now, the idea of teaching men not to rape is not new. It seems, however, that when this post went viral last week some men didn’t take kindly to the suggestion that they have any kind of responsibility for preventing rape. Like other women who have tried to turn the tables on the issue of street harassment (in London and New York), Texpatriate and those that several of those the retweeted this post about rape prevention received aggressive reactions from some men. Clearly the ridiculousness of the normalised discourse of putting all the onus on women to stop men from raping them, was completely lost on these men.

We were reminded of this article from a few years ago entitled, How to teach kids not to rape:

We need to teach our sons about rape. We need to expect much, not little, from them and from the men they will become. We need tell them what rape is and that it should not happen to anyone. This is the only loving way to parent.

The author’s words are as necessary now as they were four years ago, as they were forty – or 400 – years before that. Come on, world – we can do better.


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