Masculinities Mondays: 9th of February 2015

Just a week after a PSA on domestic violence was aired during the Super Bowl, today we want to give a big shout out to Obama for his inspiring PSA, delivered during the Grammy Awards. Highlighting the role that everyone has to play in preventing violence, the President said,

We can change our culture for the better by ending violence against women and girls…It’s not okay and it has to stop…All of us, in our own lives, have the power to set an example…It’s on us – all of us – to create a culture where violence isn’t tolerated; where survivors are supported; and where all our young people – men and women – can go as far as their talents and their dreams will take them.

There is a long history of popular music on the theme of violence against women – both condemning it and condoning it – and, just last year, a Colombian campaign used images to bring attention to the extreme violence against women in reggaeton lyrics (See the campaign here. Warning: graphic images).

But having the President of the United States call up everyone on their responsibility to end violence against women and girls, is something definitely worth celebrating – especially when his opponents are busy doing this.

See the whole video here: 


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