Homosexuality and Aboriginal Culture

Although it’s from a few months ago, we’ve just come across this brilliant article by Steven Lindsay Ross about being gay and Indigenous in Australia.

He writes,

We were also lucky enough to have Elder LGBTI people guide us through our childhood and coming-out phases. Small country towns are not the most hospitable places for young black kids, let alone young black LGBTI kids…Aboriginal people have been in Australia for more than 60,000 years in what many anthropologists describe as a triumph of survival and mathematics. Given the overwhelming evidence that homosexuality is biological, it is logical to assume that homosexuality would have been a part of such a social equation. It is estimated that there have been four billion Aboriginal people In Australia since the dawn of time. Four billion, and not one gay person? That just defies belief.

Read the whole article here and also check out the work of Black Rainbow, which intends to start the first mental health service for Indigenous LGBTI Australians.


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