16 Days: Day 6

16_days_logo_somali  People can be very creative when it comes to strategies to end violence against women. Everlast in Peru has engaged mothers to catch-out their sons harassing women on the street. This campaign dressed mothers up and then made them walk past their adult sons and when the sons make a harassing comment, the mothers reveal their true identity and give their sons an earful about respecting women. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, we think you’ll get the drift. Sadly there’s no information about the follow-up so it’s hard to know how effective such a campaign would be but kudos for creativity:


16 Days: Day 5

16_days_logo_spanish  Since 2004, the 29th of November has been observed as International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. To celebrate and give thanks for the brave and important work that women human rights defenders do every day to make this world a safer and more just place for everyone:


16_days_logo_spanish  Desde el año 2004, el 29th de noviembre se ha observado como el Día Internacional de Mujeres Defensoras de los Derechos Humanos. Para celebrar y reconocer el trabajo valiente y importante que las mujeres defensoras de los derechos humanos lo hacen todo los días para hacer que este mundo es un lugar más seguro y más justo para todos:

16 Days: Day 4

16dayslogo_chinese  Today, we celebrate China’s drafting of a national law on domestic violence. Yes, it is just a draft and it still needs to be passed and then implemented…but it’s great start and it will pave the way for access to justice in a country where, according to the most conservative estimates, 1 in 4 married women experience domestic violence.

And, in other news, the Finnish Parliament has also just approved same-sex marriage – congratulations, Finland!

16 Days: Day 3

16dayslogo_urdu Today we suggest this great article by Dr. Emma Fulu about the debate around including men and boys in work on ending violence against women. Dr. Fulu calls for holistic, multi-sectoral approaches that address structural inequalities, with both men and women.

Just adding men and stirring doesn’t seem to be cutting it – we’re transforming the gendered power structures of the world, not cooking dinner.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence: 25th Nov-10th Dec

16 days

From the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on the 25th of November, to International Human Rights Day, on the 10th of December, people in every corner of the world come together for 16 days to raise awareness, learn, and act to put an end to violence against women. Sixteen days may seem like an odd choice and hugely inadequate to tackle such a massive and serious issue, but linking the dates of the 25th of November and the 10th of December was strategically chosen to highlight the fact that violence against women is a human rights violation. It is everyone’s business. It is preventable. And, regardless of our gender, we will all benefit by ending violence against women.

For our part we, at Searching for the G-Spot, will be posting one article/resource/discussion topic/video/infographic each day of the 16 Days. There’s a lot of great work being done out there but it can be hard to trawl through it all so, each day, we’ll be bringing you one item – just one – to keep you informed, but not overwhelmed. If you’re anything like us and never really get around to reading all of those great links that you’ve bookmarked or tagged as ‘important’ in your email, this should help you out.

As always, we welcome thoughts, reflections, discussions and, of course, suggestions of material that other readers might find interesting or inspiring – if you come across something great, send it to us (and we’ll be sure to thank you profusely)!

A few good sites to get you started so that you can make the most of these 16 days:

Okay – now, let’s do this.