Masculinities Mondays: 7th of April, 2014

Another mish-mash round up of the past week’s masculinities and gender-related news:

First up (for a little harmless self-promotion), I’m very proud to announce that Al Jazeera’s documentary ‘It’s a Man’s World,’ based on our research on men’s use of violence in Cambodia, has won the United Nations Department of Public Information Award gold prize. The documentary explores the factors relating to the high rates of sexual violence, especially gang rape, in Cambodia.

Also this week, Guardian journalist Leah Green went undercover to explore men’s reactions if the tables of sexism were overturned. All of the scenes she enacts are based on actual experiences of women reported on the Everyday Sexism site.

And, finally, excellent news from New South Wales in Australia, where a high court decision has ruled that people with non-specific sex do not have to register as either male or female on the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The ruling is being widely celebrated by rights groups as a big step forward for transgender, intersex, and gender-diverse people in Australia.

Have a great week!



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