Let’s talk about sex(uality), baby.

Something that caught my eye this week was a refreshing video of kids’ reactions to gay marriage. Okay, they are all from the U.S. and their reactions are not representative of kids all around the world, but, in breaking “the issue” down into the basics, these children have some pretty wise advice that we could all learn from.

And, what, then, to do with this wisdom? For the development workers out there, The Guardian has compiled some useful, and applicable tips on how to view sexuality differently in development policy and practice

Still on the topic of sexuality, The New York Times brought forth an article this week suggesting that more gender-equitable marriages result in less sex. While I take issue with some of the points in the article, it does raise interesting questions about how we qualify ‘good’ sex lives and the value that we place on equality or personal satisfaction in relationships. 

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


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