Congratulations – you found it!

‘G’ stands for guys, for gender equality and, of course, for g-spot. This blog is a spot dedicated to sharing information and encouraging fruitful conversations about masculinity, men’s active participation in gender equality, and healthy sexual lives for all.

So many of my guy friends agree with the need to redefine masculinity, to celebrate the multiple ways of being a man, and to show that it IS manly to see women as equals and to respect women’s sexual pleasure as much as your own. But (and correct me if I’m wrong, guys), apart from ‘liking’ Facebook posts, many  aren’t quite sure how to get started or what actions they can feasibly take to start making these changes.

This blog aims to shift that by acting as both a resource centre for articles, videos and other resources on the topic as well as a collaborative and creative space for people, of all genders, to share their thoughts, questions and stories of change about creating healthy, non-violent, and gender-equitable masculinities. I will regularly add new resources and discussion topics but I encourage you to do the same in the comments box or by contacting me and I’ll be happy to add your content (until I sort out the best way for you to contribute content directly).

Thanks for finding the G-spot. Here are a few cool links to get you started:

If you like women:

If you like sex:

If you’re a parent:



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